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Sails & Rigging / Re: Buying new sails
« Last post by traveler137 on January 06, 2018, 11:48:28 AM »
No one has information on whether these sail dimensions are correct for a 1993 Endeavourcat 30?
Sails & Rigging / Re: Buying new sails
« Last post by traveler137 on January 02, 2018, 09:28:23 AM »
I got a quote from Precision Sails, but they quoted me on a very specific size sail and I don't know if  the size they quoted is the right sail for my boat. 

 P: 10.668m / 35.00ft
 E: 5.334m / 17.50ft
 I: 8.839m / 29.00ft
 J: 2.438m / 8.00ft
*Keep scrolling for a more detailed look at each item


Mainsails: Approximate Sail Area ~ 31.87 m2 or 343.00 ft2
Precision 300 Series Designer Dacron (7.18, 7.3):$1,396.10 Less 15.0% ($209.42) = $1,186.68 USD
Precision 400 Series Advanced Dacron (7.3, 7.4, 7.38, C70):$1,719.88 Less 25.0% ($429.97) = $1,289.91 USD
Challenge 8.11 Challenge Warp Drive Race/Cruise:$2,403.31 Less 25.0% ($600.83) = $1,802.48 USD
Precision 500 Series Elite Dacron (7.62, 7.46):$2,407.71 Less 25.0% ($601.93) = $1,805.78 USD
#4 Jib: Approximate Sail Area ~ 10.24 m2 or 110.18 ft2
Precision 300 Series Designer Dacron (8.18, 7.3):$476.89 Less 15.0% ($71.53) = $405.36 USD
Precision 400 Series Advanced Dacron (7.3, 8.4, 7.88, C70):$769.92 Less 25.0% ($192.48) = $577.44 USD
Challenge 9.11 Challenge Warp Drive Race/Cruise:$792.42 Less 25.0% ($198.11) = $594.31 USD
Precision 500 Series Elite Dacron (7.62, 8.46):$1,018.63 Less 25.0% ($254.66) = $763.97 USD
Products / Hardware:
High Neck Boom Cover 5.5m: $624.99 USD
Lazy Cradle: $864.99 USD
CDI FF4 w/ Ball Bearings: $1,024.00 USD
Sails & Rigging / Re: Buying new sails
« Last post by traveler137 on January 01, 2018, 02:30:13 PM »
Hello, I did call Endeavour and they told me to call some guy who used to work there, I think the number was for Doyle sails. Doyle told me he no longer worked for them, but now works as a subcontractor and they did not have his number,
Maybe I will call Endeavour again to see if they will help me further.

I also have some sort of cradle with lazyjacks. The sails don't always fall into the cradle very neatly, but I think over time I have become more successful.
Sails & Rigging / Re: Buying new sails
« Last post by Bruce Phaup on January 01, 2018, 02:01:15 PM »
Happy New Year traveler137,
I sail the predecessor to the Endeavorcat 30. The Intercat 1500 did not come with a headsail and the boom is just under 19 feet. On yours, Endeavorcat mounted the mast farther aft and installed the self-tacking jib. 

Endeavorcat is still in the biz making boats. They may have the original dimensions of your sails on file. I contacted them in 2006 when looking for a replacement steering cable for the outboard. give them a shout.

I have the dimensions for the Intercat 1500 sails. They are posted online here.
When you do get the dimensions, it would awesome if you would return and share your findings for the other owners.

As far as the rig, I have used both the Dutchman and Lazyjacks. I currently have the Dutchman and a Sail Care Cradle. When I replace the sail cover, I will migrate to a Stack Pack type design where the cover is integrated with lazy jacks. The aft 3 feet (roach) of my main is not controlled well with the Dutchman.
I had very good luck having Sail Care refurbish/restore my main and have not had to replace it yet. If you elect to use their relaminating service, the process will tighten and shrink the sail enough that you will have to trim the battens < 1 inch. Sail cleaning - restoration...
Sails & Rigging / Re: Buying new sails
« Last post by traveler137 on January 01, 2018, 12:44:57 PM »
Hello again,   at the very least does anyone have the correct dimensions of the existing sails?
Sails & Rigging / Buying new sails
« Last post by traveler137 on January 01, 2018, 12:43:26 PM »
Hello, I am a newer owner of a 1993 Endeavourcat 30. I  Bought the boat about 2 years ago in Panama, lived on it for about a 1 1/2 years in Bocas Del Toro and sailed it to Florida in May of 2017. 

Does anyone have recommendations for new sails? Different configuration? Preferred material? preferred Vender?
I welcome all thoughts and suggestions. Thanks
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Classifieds... / For Sale 1992 Americat
« Last post by jim546 on February 22, 2014, 09:41:13 PM »

1992 Americat custom built with sloop rigging $40,000.  The roller furling 150 Genoa gives the boat perfect balance. It is easy to single hand and sails level even in high winds.  It is a cottage at Okracoke, an apartment at the beach or a room for extra guests. It draws only 2 foot 10 inches of water, has a fuel efficient 20 HP Honda four stroke engine, four overhead mounted solar panels, and a portable gas generator. The GPS, radios, and instruments are all mounted at the Captainís station with a full 360 degrees of visibility even while seated. This yacht has been pampered by an older couple that must sell due to health reasons. This is a terrific bargain that you must see.  I'll even include dockage until my house sells and sailing lessons to make you feel comfortable.  Call Jim (252)249-3901 or email
Welcome to the forum!
My feelings were not hurt, but everyone benefits from acknowledgment at least once or twice per decade  :D
Hull & Fiberglass / Re: It worked! Removal of cured 3M 5200 adhesive...for thru-hulls
« Last post by DuaneFuller on August 07, 2013, 06:00:25 AM »
Just a quick note to let you know about a new-to-me product that actual works.

Following my hurricane Irene haul-out, a cracked plastic OEM thru-hull was discovered. Closer inspection led to the replacement of all thru-hulls with new Forespar Marelon thru-hulls.
The OEM adhesive was unknown, but had a rubbery consistency when probed with fingernail or screwdriver. The goop was all over the interior side of each thru-hull nuts & threads.

This was new territory to me and I needed to learn the tricks of the trade. All on-line tips began AFTER the interior nuts were removed.
Hum... how do I get that crap off the fitting so that the nuts can be removed???

Here's a couple of suggestions:
  • Careful (very led light) use of a heatgun to warm the adhesive makes removal MUCH easier. CAUTION: too much and you will delaminate the fiberglass, so go easy at 20 second increments on low until you get the hang of it.
  • The use of DeBond Marine Formula. Spray on, let sit for 20 seconds or so and off it comes!
  • The new thru-hulls were installed with Sikaflex 291 which was shown in the Forespar website installation how-to video. The cured Sikaflex 291 was an exact match for the OEM goop.
  • I would avoid using 3M 5200 as a marine bedding adhesive (unless you hate the future owner)
Additional information about DeBond Marine Formula:
  • The cheapest place I found to buy 2 or more 12oz cans:
  • For one 12 oz can: This ships from Maryland
  • For fun, call Westmarine and have them price match Boemarine (~50% off). It was worth the $2 additional shipping to listen to them squirm and try to explain/rationalize their price that was 150% over MSRP and 188% more than Boemarine! To their credit, it shipped from SC to VA by the 2nd day
  • I tested DeBond on cured silicone, cured Sikaflex 291, and cured 3M 5200. Each worked well. 3M 5200 took over a minute to completely loosen the ~1/8 thick film
  • Did I mention that all the nasty 3M 5200 is GONE!

Oh thanks for sharing very useful information. Thread is bit old and strange there is no reply to this awesome post.. Thanks again
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