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Steering Cable replacement (updated & merged 9/14/2011)
« on: December 18, 2006, 09:00:41 AM »
I'm having difficulty determining the correct replacement cable for the steering cable that controls the outboard engine. The original cable is a MORSE cable. Morse is now owned by Teleflex. I've contacted teleflex and tech support with several suppliers. It's a very mixed bag of answers and I fear none are correct.

original cable specs
  • Morse  
  • Red Jacket 300631 - 1441N 6214 (stamped on jacket)
  • Length of red jacket (conduit) = 9 ft
  • Full length of cable tip-to-tip = 12 ft
  • boths ends have tilt-tube ram installed (double ended)
  • Ram dimensions= 5/8" dia, 12" long
  • The outboard ram terminates in the Yamaha tilt-tube
  • The inboard ram terminates using a inboard clamp bracket and is attached to the stbd side rudder crossbar using a clevis
    (as the rudders turn, the outboard engine turns with them to increase maneuverability
  • cable thrust length (push/pull = 8-5/8")
  • Minimum length of red jacket (conduit) to reach (5 ft), More desirable length of red jacket (6.5 ft)
    This allows the cable to arch out toward the stbd side of the Armstrong platform and would
    eliminate having to climb over the cable as was the case in the original corkscrew configuration (see photos)
      I have posted a page of pictures. Some of these were taken at the pre-purchase marine survey. The interior close-ups were taken afterwards.  

I recently contacted Endeavourcat to see if they had any information that might help.
My next step is to remove the cable and carry it in for comparison. One additional delay is that the cable was routed under the transom mounted bracket for the mainsheet block. There's not enough clearance for the cable ends to slide out from under the bracket. This may require removal of the bracket is required (argh). ** update 12-23-06 ** I chose to use a drill and cutoff disc to cut the cable vice removing the bracket. The bracket is bedded and very difficult to access.

Anyone every do this ?
Any pointers?

** updated 12/18/06 **  - Bob Vincent replied quickly and said this cable is a dealer stock item ($175 + shipping). He asked that I call and speak to Jeff  to order one. So I called. I spoke to Jeff in length about the cable. It turns out that Endeavour Catamarans special orders the cables. They used to order them from Morse/Teleflex, but the last batch was ordered from UFlex. These are NOT off-the-self cables. Jeff states that this will remain a dealer stocked item.

The special ordered cables are about 9 feet 7 feet long and both ends come fitted with a cable ram.  The cable ram is designed to fit inside an outboard engine's "tilt tube".  Normal cables have the ram on one end and just the spiral wound cable on the other (like a Teleflex QCII). In 1990, Intercat used the Morse Inboard rudder bracket part number 300616/300617 (exploded views attached below) to connect the inboard cable end to the rudder linkage. This is where the second, interior, cable ram is required to attach to the rudder linkage crossbar.

** update 12/23/06 **

 ** THIS CABLE IS TOO SHORT for Intercat 1500 **
    Information off the delivered cable
    • UFLEX part number #CPT0X07
    • production code 00014570-165
    • overall length tip-to-tip = 7ft
    • jacket length = 4 ft
I have to return the cable ordered from Endeavour Catamarans !

How to measure for a replacement steering cable (from Uflex)

This means that a 9 - 10 ft cable is required for the Intercat 1500 configuration.
(9" push length + 12" ram + 12" ram + 6 ft conduit = 8' 9". Round up to 9 ft)

I called Matt at UFLEX
6442 Parkland Drive
Sarasota, Florida 34243 - USA
Ph. (941) 351-2628 - Fax (941) 360-9171
UFLEX does NOT stock, but will manufacture this cable in any length (to the nearest foot).
The last two digits in the UFLEX part number indicate the cable's  length. The length is measured from the centerline of the holes in each of the tilt-tube rams installed on the cable ends. HINT: This is about an inch shorter than the tip-to-tip length.

In my case, The cable to order is a UFLEX part number CPT0X09. The 09 can be replaced with any length you need from 01 - 99 feet.

You will need to order the cable from a UFLEX retailer. The cable will then be manufactured and drop shipped directly to you.
You should call UFLEX for an updated list of retailers/suppliers. The two national suppliers that I was given are:

Vendor Contact information:
Teleflex Marine
Endeavour Catamarans

Actual photos of my original installation are =>here <=
Figure 1 & 2 show the exploded view.

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Re: Remember to Clean the tilt-tube!
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2006, 06:52:56 PM »
When replacing your steering cable, don't forget to clean the the dirt & rust from the inside of the tilt-tube!

Read more=>
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Re: Steering Cable replacement (Intercat 1500)
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2007, 11:10:55 AM »
My cable froze up in the week between my survey and taking possesion of a 1992 30' Endeavourcat.  Teleflex unresponsive so I ordered it through Marine Parts Finders -  Very nice people and easy to work with.  Jupiter, FL based.  The part number was CPTOX07 (seven foot between the holes)  $176.00 + shipping. 

Heads up!  If your cable is feeling a bit tight or sticking a bit when not used in a while, go ahead and order the cable.  They take four to six weeks to make and ship them at UFLEX.


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Re: Steering Cable replacement (Intercat 1500)
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2009, 04:22:06 PM »
Hey, just an update on this, UFLEX will now sell direct from their Sarasota location. Part Number for the Endeavourcat is CPTOX07 and the best part is they will build it within days and the directed cost......................... ............................. .wait........................ ......$60 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Steering Cable replacement (Intercat 1500)
« Reply #4 on: July 02, 2009, 05:47:30 PM »
Well the recession was very good to you!
Thanks for the great tip.
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Update on steering cables
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2011, 07:45:55 PM »
A day after being home from our 1000 mile cruise this summer my steering cable broke while tied up in my slip. A good boat breaks close to home right.

Called Endeavour and they do not stock them any more. Called Uflex and they will not sell direct any more.  They gave me four suggestions to order from and I contacted all of them.  The range was $300 to $439 per.  Most in the high 300's. The best price is from the factory rep that actually sold them to Endeavour when they were new. He is:

Sarasota, FL 34241
Phone: 888-579-0307

The $300 price was because I bought two.  It is more if you buy one. I will carry a spare from now on as they take weeks to get and who knows how long they will continue to make them.  I can't see me waiting weeks for a cable in Bum F Key with no shipping address.

Note:  Because of the price and inconvenience of the wait I tried to re-engineer the cable system to use an over the counter cable.  We looked at every company and cable and found that there is no longer any cable made that could be reconfigured to be used.  I mean no cable made by any company in the world even with re-engineering the system.  We checked.  If the Uflex cable becomes unavailable in the future than some kind of hydrolic set up may be the only answer.  If you have an older cable you might want to order a spare now before the price goes higher.  You also might want to take the precaution of removing the cable from the engine tube and cleaning the tube and re-lubing it.

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Re: Steering Cable replacement (updated & merged 9/14/2011)
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2011, 08:39:22 PM »
Thank you for the update. It would be great if any of the four UFLEX retailers/supplier you were given are not posted in the thread above, you could modify your post to include the missing contact information or part numbers? I've never heard complaints of having too much technical information or too many options available. ;D

Even a few years ago, before the depression hit, my cable price was around $300 delivered. With the economy in the 'head', you did OK. I'm not ready to panic about the low stock level just yet. UFLEX makes the cables to order and drop ships them to the customer when the retailer's order is submitted to the UFLEX factory. The earlier post about $60 direct from UFLEX has not been independently verified and may have been a commercial account or a farce.

I'm very glad to hear of your success!
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