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Intercat 1500 - Charles Kanter
« on: October 18, 2006, 01:14:14 AM »
2. Intercat 1500 (28) Class 5, Cruising

Designer: Bill Symons

The name, Intercat 1500, was designed to mean 1500 cubic feet of interior volume.
I sailed on hull number 3 with Bill Symons in the Intra-Coastal waterway at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Under those conditions, the boat did extremely well. It tacked as positively, and assuredly, as any similar cat I have ever been on. I attribute that to the cat rig, keeping the sail driving until you are through the tack, unlike a more conventional rig where you lose the drive from the jib, moving the center of effort drastically toward the stern, thus tending to put the boat in irons.

It was an impressive display of sailing ability and I was suitably impressed, as were the people from the New Smyrna Yacht Club, who were following us in their full race monohull taking pictures. The boat handled just like a good dinghy. However, I must inject two things: Bill Symons is a past master at the art of close quarters boat handling and of impressing potential customers. Second, the boat was very lightly loaded, having a completely empty interior with only sandbags to simulate the actual finished weight.

I suspect that there might be insufficient bridgedeck clearance. This will cause slapping noise under the boat and when trying to get to windward in rough conditions and may have a marked negative effect on performance.

The Intercat 28 was subsequently taken over by different manufacturing companies. There are presently two distinct, highly modified versions of the original being produced. (See Americat 30 & Endeavor 30)

LOA (length overall)28'0" feet  8.53 meters
LWL (waterline length)     feet    meters
MAXB (maximum beam)14'4" feet    4.37 meters
SA (sail area)375 feet2    34.84 meters2
Draft:2"10" / .85 m     Keels
Designed displacement:5800 pounds    2630.88 kg
Mast Height Above Deck:bridge clearance
Tankage: Water: 75 gal.  283.88 litersfuel: 6 gal.     23 liters
Auxiliary power:9.9 hp outboard

pages 134-135
Cruising on more than One Hull!
Charles Kanter 1992
ISBN 0-9618406-2-5

P.O. Box  2099
Key Largo, FL 33037
(305) 743-0626
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Intercat 1500 Hull #121